The Freshest, Tastiest Chicken in Tennessee.

Fresh Chicken Fridays are back at Glendale Farm! What does that mean? It means that you get the chance to come by and pick up a fresh chicken, straight from the farm on harvest day. Always on fresh pasture, our chickens ingest copious amounts of grass and insects to supplement their local, Non-GMO grain.  All of which makes for a bird that is just as tasty as the ones your grandmother used to snatch out of the yard.
You can also choose from a variety of chicken pieces: leg quarters, breasts, tenders, wings and hard to find items like chicken livers, hearts, gizzards, and feet.
We want to help you make those meals taste great, y’all. Mark your calendar and bring your family for an old time farm experience to pick up some old-time, farm tasty chicken.  Feel free to bring a cooler and some chairs if you want to hang out at the farm and enjoy a summer evening….this is a social event and a chance to visit once the day’s work is done.
Fresh Chicken days usually occur once a month, May through November.  Follow us on Facebook or sign up for our newsletter for the most up to date schedule!

Bird Reservations and Pick Up Instructions: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

  1. Ordering: Please order through our online store.
    When you place your order in the store you will have a variety of options.
    Please select:
       – “Whole Chicken” (if you want a chicken already frozen) or “Fresh Harvest Day Chicken” (if you want a nonfrozen bird)
       – Bird size
       – If you choose our cut up service, you can have your bird cut into breast, wings, leg/thigh quarters etc. (You can get it packaged or not, but all pieces of 1 bird go in 1 package.)
  2. Pick-Up: When you checkout, you will select your pick up day (select the upcoming Fresh Chicken Day). You might consider bringing a cooler with ice to pack your birds on. Pick-Up is from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM at Glendale Farm 1551 John Finney Rd, Columbia, TN.
  3. Payment: You can select to pay by credit card online, or pay with check or cash at time of pick-up. For simplicity, some products in the online store are sold by average package weight instead of a per/lb price.
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