Katahdin Lamb is an American Breed of Sheep Specifically Developed For Flavorful Meat

Not many farmers in Middle Tennessee raise sheep, and very few people in the country, aside from a few foodies and top chefs, know of the fantastic flavor of Katahdin lamb.
We didn’t know it either. Someone at a grazing conference had suggested that Katahdins were good complimentary grazers to cows, so we tried five. We also didn’t know the magical flavor effects of combining Katahdin sheep with Middle Tennessee grass.
That magic was discovered by accident, not realizing it until we home-harvested one of our lambs and invited a few friends to a lamb supper. Everyone was blown away. It was better lamb than anyone had ever had, whether the lamb came from New Zealand, Australia or the United States.  
Even the don’t-like-lamb-people love it!

Glendale Farm Lamb:

  • Katahdin Sheep. Pasture-Raised. Supplemented with locally sourced grains.
  • 100% Grass-fed and Finished lamb available seasonally (call for reservations).
  • No antibiotics. No hormones.
  • Available by retail cut at the farm store or in bulk as a whole lamb
  • Reserve your holiday Leg of Lamb in our online store.
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