100% Free-Range Eggs

When we say, “Free-Range”, we mean it! Taylor Family Farm sources eggs for us from their farm where they’re hens free-range. This doesn’t just mean they aren’t in cages; this literally means that they are allowed to roam the farm and eat bugs and worms. Because their diet isn’t just constricted to their non-GMO feed ration, their eggs have thick shells, the yokes are dark yellow and nutrient dense.

The chickens are trained to go back to the coop and lay their eggs inside in boxes filled with soft hay and wood shavings. The soft nesting keeps the eggs clean and free from any breakage or dirt from the outside. Taylor Family Farm eggs are definitely superior! We know you will see and taste the difference!

Taylor Family Farm Eggs:

  • Free-range and pasture-raised. Supplemented with local, non-GMO grain
  • No hormones. No antibiotics
  • Available seasonally
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