Non-GMO Pasture-Raised Pork

Our wonderfully tasty pork comes from our good friends at Taylor Family Farm in Ethridge, TN. From the time the piglets are born on the farm, they are free to roam on pasture, root for forage snacks and generally live the good pig life. Taylor hogs are also supplemented with locally sourced, Non-GMO grains that are milled by the Taylor Family on farm. You will never go back to “no-taste” store pork after trying some of theirs!

Since the Taylor’s moved to their farm in 2003, they wanted to provide their own large family with good, quality meats and food. They realized that meat from the store is not raised with care for the consumer and that standard food labeling did not tell the whole story of what that animal was fed or the way it was treated. Lots of research done, they decided to begin feeding non-GMO feed to their animals in order to consume the best possible food. Ultimately, we are what our food eats. We know you and your family deserve the best and we work hard to provide that for you!

Taylor Family Farm Pork:

  • Raised on pasture and supplemented with local, Non-GMO grains
  • No antibiotics, No Hormones
  • Available year round in retail cuts or in bulk as whole or half hogs (call for reservations)

Visit Taylor Family Farm for more information onĀ Non-GMO pork.

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