Non-GMO Pasture-Raised Chicken

At Glendale Farm you get chicken raised on pasture and processed in an approved on-farm facility.

What does this mean for us, our families, friends, and customers? It means we control the whole process from day one until that fresh chicken is sealed in a bag with a label — from the animal-friendly conditions in which we raise our chickens, to the forage and feed the chickens receive, to the chemical-free processing, and finally to the packaging of the birds. It means healthier, humanely raised and processed chicken that is vastly superior in taste.

We serve these chickens regularly in our family and feel good about sharing a healthy, rightly raised, processed and packaged product with our friends and customers.

Once out of the brooder, our chickens are raised in mobile houses which are moved every day to fresh pasture. We raise our chickens on pasture using methods developed by Joel Salatin on Polyface Farm in Swope, Virginia. In addition to the grass, bugs, worms, etc. which chickens naturally consume on pasture, our chickens get locally sourced, non-GMO grain from Taylor Family Farm. The Taylor’s are also integral partners in producing and processing our fine chicken and in 2016 we started using a joint label on our chickens.

How do I know Glendale Farm does it right, you say? Come by on one of our Fresh Chicken Days and see for yourself. Get to know your farmers and hang out in the country for a bit. We’d love to see you!

Glendale Farm Chicken:

  • Pasture-Raised and supplemented with locally sourced, Non-GMO grains
  • No antibiotics or hormones
  • Harvested on farm
  • Whole birds and cut-ups available almost year around (some years we run out in winter)

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