move-em-out2Katahdin Sheep Flock

In 2005 Mary Susan and Delk Kennedy, Sam’s parents, bought five Katahdin sheep ewes and a Katahdin ram named “Larry” with the intention of running a few sheep with the cattle. Since then, the flock has reached up to 400 ewes though we are well off that number in 2016 and back in ewe lamb retention mode after some serious culling.
Katahdin is a breed of hair sheep (no wool) developed in the United States. The Katahdin breed originated in the 1950’s at the Piel Farm in north central Maine where Michael Piel was an innovator who enjoyed raising livestock. He sought a better breed of all-American sheep for the table. The resulting breed was named for Mt. Katahdin, the tallest mountain in Maine. Katahdin’s are one of the fastest growing breeds in the Southeast and known for their easy keeping and excellent mild flavor. See Katahdin Hair Sheep International for more breed information.
Our sheep are raised in a rotational, multispecies system, often in the same paddock with the cattle. We typically move them to fresh pasture daily, or at least every 4 days, year round. We seek to mimic nature in all of our practices and strive to select for extremely easy keeping animals that survive and thrive in our humid environment. They are kept in good grass and always have good water and mineral, but receive little to no supplementary feed. Ewes that have to be treated for parasites or require excessive foot trimming do not fit in our flock. We are continuing to experiment with the best time to lamb for our program, but as of right now, we shoot for April 15th. All lambs are born on pasture with no assistance.

Katahdin Sheep For Sale

We do not currently have any breeding stock for sale. We may have some ewe lambs available in August 2017 and will update this site here once we do.
As we rebuild the flock over the next year or two, we expect to have some very nice ewe lambs ready to go to the farm so please check back in and stay in touch.
We are also always looking for wholesale outlets for our ram lambs either on the hoof or in the grass fed lamb business.
We do not offer on farm slaughter at this time.