south-poll-cattle-imageSouth Poll Cow Herd

Like most cattle farms in our area, we traditionally ran a herd of commercial black angus, and we still have plenty of those good ol’ cows. However, when we began to really change our grazing practices to mimic natural rotations and cycles, we learned that we had to change the type of cattle we ran also. We needed cattle that were adapted to our southern heat and humidity and that could handle calving in late spring and early summer. We needed cattle that would thrive on and get fat on grass alone and that did not require a lot of off farm inputs. The South Poll breed, developed very close to us in North Alabama seemed to fit the bill.

Known as the “Southern Mama Cow Breed, South Polls are bred to be slick-haired, small-framed cows with emphasis placed on high fertility, longevity, and calm disposition.  South Polls are bred to excel on a grass based grazing system.  Ultrasound and actual carcass data on the South Poll tells us that they are as tender, or more tender, than straight bred English cattle.” This breed description and more information can be found at the South Poll Grass Cattle breed website.

cow-copyWe began running South Poll bulls on our herd in and buying pure bred heifers as the opportunity arose in 2011 and have found that they absolutely perform to the breed description above. Today we have 76 cows that are 1/2 South Poll or better and are continuing to select for and retain the heifers that perform in our environment. The cows get good grass management, a little hay if needed in the winter, and a year around mineral program but no other off farm feed or chemical inputs. We currently calve in April, May, and June though we hope to get that trimmed down in the coming years.


South Poll Cattle For Sale

None for sale at this time, but please stay in touch.

Our goal in the coming years is to be a go to provider of grass-ready steers and heifers for other direct marketers in our area and regional grass-fed branded programs.